flirting while in a relationship

He’s Flirting While In A Relationship – What Should I Do?

 What do you want to do?

Your question is fairly ambiguous so I’ll go through some likely scenarios as to which angle you might be approaching it from.

1. You want it to continue.

You’ve been feeling a bit down lately, a hot dude is showing an interest and you’re enjoying the attention. It’s harmless fun and if his missus doesn’t approve that’s very much a ‘her’ problem. It’s not like you’re gonna do anything anyway.


2. You want to take it further.

The dude is hot, you want a piece of him and you’ve declared every ho for herself. Fuck it, you deserve a bit of happiness and your man is clearly with the wrong girl otherwise he wouldn’t be looking elsewhere in the first place, right?


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3. You’re on the fence.

You’re enjoying the attention but it’s awks af with the missus watching. Also, she seems like a pleasant enough gal and you’re not the type to piss on another woman’s cornflakes… although… You’ve had your metaphorical breakfast peed on by many a thirsty ho in your time and you’re enjoying the unexpected sense of power that accompanies this role reversal.


4. You want it to stop.

It makes you feel super uncomfortable and you’re not remotely flattered by the clumsy attentions of a douche who would disrespect his girlfriend so openly. You’ve also considered the fact you may be the unwitting recipient of one of their kinks and your invitation to their 90s themed car key party is but a text away. Failing that, you are kind of enjoying it (who wouldn’t) but you don’t want to be *that* person when you know his missus doesn’t deserve it.


Now you’ve had an honest look at your motives, you can decide how to respond…


Something worth remembering before you act:

If he’s flirting while in a relationship with someone else and you choose to pursue it, how will you feel when he’s flirting outside of his relationship with you?


Flirting while in a relationship