Do You Recommend Therapy?

ASK ERIN: Do You Recommend Therapy?

Do You Recommend Therapy?

Message I received recently from a lovely lady.

Q: Hi Erin!

Thank you for writing this blog, it gave me a sense of comfort knowing that I am not the only person dealing with this.

I am curious to know if youโ€™ve been able to overcome your traumas and quiet the negative voice/sense of self dread? How have you been coping?

Do you recommend therapy?

I’m open to any suggestions or advice because I often feel very alone in the midst of company, and never understood by anyone. I always talk to myself (as If I had an encouraging little coach on my shoulder) or I write down my thoughts.

It can be very challenging to aid yourself through a dark time in your mind when you are flooded with anxiety in the moment.

I am hopeful and eager to lessen the mental tsunamis I experience. Often when Iโ€™m in a social setting and even by myself I feel like Iโ€™m catastrophically breaking down all the time.

Thank you again for sharing!!๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒธ

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E: Thanks so much for your email, it’s great to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

In case nobody has asked you recently, how are you doing?

I’m delighted you found my teeny tiny blog and hearing it brought you some comfort puts a smile in my heart.

To answer your question honestly – no, I have not managed to overcome my traumas yet. To answer it brutally honestly, I’m currently probably in the worst place ever for me, mentally.

Talk about doom and gloom..!


Do You Recommend Therapy?

Eeesh, that’s a hard one to answer because I want to be responsible with my advice but also real.


It goes without saying (but I will anyway); if you ever feel like you may be a danger to yourself or other people, seeking medical advice is crucial.


In terms of therapy, I think it really depends on your location and socio-economic status. That makes me sad to write but comes from personal experience.

Here in the UK we have the NHS. It’s undeniably precious but sadly lacking when it comes to mental health, particularly complex trauma which is yet to have its ‘day’ and be fully recognised for the debilitating condition it is.

Targeted Trauma Therapy

As someone at the bottom of the financial food chain, all of my therapy over the years has been free. Whilst I would never wish to be ungrateful, it tends to be a one size fits all process that has never really fitted me.

If money isn’t a concern I would absolutely recommend paying for targeted trauma therapy with a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. If you can find someone who specialises in complex trauma, even better.

Coping Strategies

Re coping strategies for the mental tsunamis… hell, I wish I knew myself.

If one more person asks me ‘Ooh, have you tried practising mindfulness?’ I may very well lose my last shred of sanity – HOWEVER – the sheer volume of people banging on about it says there must be something in it.

I don’t honestly know.

What I do know is that simple breathing exercises and gentle tapping on my wrist can often bring me back to the present.

Much like the coach on your shoulder, I remind myself that I’ve already lived through it and the feeling WILL pass.


Wishing you all the best,