10 Things You Should Never Do by Erin Edwards, Fallen Empath

10 Things You Should Never Do

  1. Never shit on your own doorstep. The earlier in life we grasp that the better.
  2. Never open anything without knowing why it’s closed in the first place.
  3. Never open your door to a high court sheriff (England) because once they get inside you lose all leverage.
  4. Never do business with a person who has nothing to lose.
  5. Never forget that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.
  6. Never accept a favour you’re unwilling to return someday.
  7. Never underestimate what true desperation can drive a person to do.
  8. Never crap on those below you unless you want their crap all over you on your way back down.
  9. Never allow yourself to run out of options.
  10. Never put the responsibility for your happiness in someone else’s hands.


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