Erin Edwards: Qualified To Dispense Advice


Erin Edwards

Qualified to dispense advice.

The kind you probably won’t hear from your therapist…


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Q: Are you really qualified to give advice?

EE: Yes. I have a level 4 degree in Information, Advice and Guidance, and a post-grad CPCAB diploma in Counselling Skills.

I’ve also had a long career in advice work. My most enlightening post? Seven years as Guidance Officer in a city centre open learning centre.

Q: What is a fallen empath?

EE: A cynical empath-gone-bad after years of love and light getting her nowhere but down. Eh, my moral compass is permanently impaired after decades of abuse, but I’m still oozing excess empathy. Experience says, sharing what I know about people is infinitely more productive than crying over their behaviour.

I also enjoy constructing an unnecessarily verbose response.


Not to be confused with a Dark Empath; 90% of the time, I use my empathic insight to help, not hurt.


Q: Do you have a Diagnosed Personality Disorder?

EE: Officially, I’ve been diagnosed as having had a series of developmental traumas. This led to complex post-traumatic stress disorder in adulthood, with avoidant and obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

It was a long time coming because we are slow to ‘label’ people in the UK and C-PTSD is still the relatively new disorder on the block.

Unofficially, the line between borderline personality disorder and complex trauma is notoriously blurred and I strongly identify with the criteria for both. I have stupidly high levels of empathy (test your empathy quotient here!) – cognitive, emotional and compassionate. I’ll relate 100% to how you feel, weep for you and go miles out of my way to help you.

Unless you really piss me off. My threshold for abuse is high, but once you hit it – watch me work.

Oh yeah, I’m in possession of a pitifully fragile ego, vengeful tendencies, inner rage and an ever-widening narcissistic streak, as evidenced by the gloriously unfettered amount of ‘I’ statements littering my posts.



Q: Why are you anonymous?

EE: Because I’m talking about some incredibly personal and private stuff here. Check out Dear Nobody then ask me again 😉

Because while I’ve removed my toxic sibling from my life, I still have a relationship with my parents who have the internet and the ability to search.

Because my entire life has been lived as one persona or another and I need some downtime.


By masking my identity I can be my authentic self without living in fear.


As if that isn’t the stupidest thing you’ve read all day…


Because by remaining anonymous, I can give honest, valuable and actionable advice without agitating any of my narcs and kicking off a virulent stream of gaslighting.


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